I'm Sacha Greif, a designer, developer, and entrepreneur.

I'm originally from Paris, France but these days I live in Osaka, Japan.

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A little more about me.

I've always loved spending way too much time on the computer, and spent my teens tinkering with Photoshop and building crappy websites.

But after getting a computer science degree, I realized writing compilers wasn't for me and decided to switch majors completely and learn Mandarin instead.

Yet as it turns out, my path would lead back to computers: after moving to China in 2006, I ended up quitting my language studies and getting a job in Beijing as a web designer.

After coming back to France in 2007, I became a freelance UI designer, working with companies such as Hipmunk, Intercom, and Le Monde.

A few years later, I decided what I really wanted was to create my own products, and set out to re-learn web programming.

After moving to Japan in 2012 for my wife's studies, I now live in Kyoto and work part-time for Zens while also working on my own projects.


The duct tape that keeps the world together.


An open-source full-stack app framework based on React, GraphQL, Meteor, and MongoDB. A.k.a. the “Rails for JavaScript”.

Discover Meteor

I learned the Meteor JavaScript framework to build Telescope, and decided to reinvest the knowledge I had just acquired to co-author a book together with Tom Coleman.

State Of JavaScript

I got tired of all this talk of “JavaScript fatigue”, so I created a survey to get more data about recent trends in the JavaScript community.

State Of CSS

The State of JS survey’s little sister, all about CSS and HTML.


  1. Get Idea; 2. Launch; 3. ???; 4. Profit.


My daily newsletter of the five best design links, now with over 35000 subscribers.

Hacker News Kansai

I co-organize the local Hacker News meetup here in Osaka.

Community Building Guide

I wrote a free guide to help people build successful communities.

Design Portfolio

In a past life, I was a UI designer. You can find a collection of my client work here.


Like coding, but with fewer bugs.

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A Study Plan To Cure JavaScript Fatigue 2016

My ultra-popular guide to learning JavaScript.

What Kind Of Logo Do You Get For $5? 2014

I went on Fiver to see what kind of logo you get for just $5. The results were surprising (or maybe not…).

The Product Spectrum 2014

A blueprint for being an entrepreneur, from being a consultant to building consumer products.

The Spiderweb Strategy 2014

How to organize your products in a way that makes sense (and makes cents, too).

Flat Pixels 2013

A long-form essay about the never-ending battle between flat design and skeuomorphism.

Step by Step UI design 2012

My first ebook, a surprise success that set me on the path of the solo entrepreneur.


Now featuring 20% more French accent.

UI Breakfast Podcast 2016

Episode 40: Learning Through Projects

React Native Radio 2016

43 The State of JavaScript and React Native

Discover Meteor Podcast 2015

5 episodes covering various aspects of Meteor

Binpress Podcast 2015

Episode 39

Product People 2014

EP63: How things get popular

The Changelog 2013

Discover Meteor.js

Upfront Podcast 2013

Episode 12 - MeteorJS and Side Projects

The Industry 2012

#10: Facebook IPO’d, The Toolbox launches, Parse for iOS and Android, and Say Hello to Octicons


You gotta learn to let them go.

Screenings 2015

An attempt at building a directory of design talks. On life support due to a lack of updates.

BJJBot 2015

A directory of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu videos that never quite took off.

The Toolbox 2012

A directory of design resources. The domain expired, and then got a second life thanks to a new owner.

SachaGreif.com 2012

The previous version of this site, a now-abandoned WordPress blog.

Folyo 2011

My first “startup”. After many years trying (and failing) to make it work, sold the site to the talented Workshop crew.

Patternify 2011

A simple pattern generation tool, and one of my first ever side projects. Still works!

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