XYZ Sacha グレフ XYZ Greif サーシャ

As a designer-who-codes (or is it a developer-who-designs?), I specialize in making complex products more appealing and more accessible.



I can help you make sure your brand sends the right message.

This can include designing a logo, finding the right color palette, selecting the perfect typeface, finding icons and illustrations, and much more.




I can review your product’s accessibility and usability to find any roadblocks that might prevent users from understanding it properly.

This is especially crucial for developer-focused products, which are often highly technical.




Good content marketing is one of the best ways to reach a bigger audience.

I can help you tweak your homepage copy, write engaging blog posts, or even produce e-books or guides that will become new inbound channels for your product.



My Workこれまでの仕事

Developer Surveys | 開発者調査

Developer Surveys開発者調査

I run the State of JavaScript, State of CSS, and State of GraphQL developer surveys. They reach over 20,000 developers every year, and the resulting data has been used by Google and other browser vendors to inform their roadmaps.

私は開発者を対象とした調査State of JavaScriptState of CSSState of GraphQLの運営に携わっています。これらの調査は毎年、2万人を超える開発者を対象に行われ、得られたデータはグーグルを初めとするブラウザのベンダーにより、今後のロードマップの検討材料として利用されてきました。

Open-Source Branding | オープンソースのブランディング

Open-Source Brandingオープンソースのブランディング

Although I’m not primarily a logo designer, I’ve designed brands for a few popular open-source projects such as Gatsby and GraphiQL, and my own framework Vulcan.js. I also contributed to the design of the Storybook logo.


Discover Meteor

Discover MeteorDiscover Meteor

I co-authored the Discover Meteor e-book, which for a long time was the main introductory book for the Meteor JavaScript framework. The book sold over 12,000 copies, resulting in over $575,000 in revenue.

私は電子書籍Discover Meteorの共著者でもあります。この本は長年にわたり、JavaScriptフレームワークMeteorのよく知られた入門書とされてまいりました。販売部数は1万2000部を超え、売上は57万5000ドルを超えております。



I run the daily Sidebar design newsletter, which has over 60,000 subscribers and is consistently cited in lists of the best design resources.




I developed my own open-source app framework, Vulcan.js. I use it to run Sidebar, and also previously used it to build ZensHome, a real-estate booking app, for Tokyo-based Zens


Other Activities他の活動


I co-founded our local Hacker News meetup group, HN Kansai. We’ve had over 60 in-person events, and our Slack community has over 500 members.

私はHacker Newsのオフ会グループであるHN Kansaiの発起人の1人です。これまでに対面型のイベントを60回以上開催してまいりました。Slackのコミュニティには500人を超える方々のご参加を頂いています


My latest long-form article is my retrospective of the last 10 years of Meteor.

I also wrote a popular guide about community building, and I’ve also contributed to popular online publications such as CSS-Tricks and Smashing Magazine.

長文記事では、Meteorのこの10年間を振り返るという内容のものが最新です。 また、私の書いたコミュニティ立ち上げに関するガイドは好評をいただいております。CSS-TricksSmashing Magazineといった人気のオンラインメディアにも寄稿しております。


I’ve spoken at many events all over the world, including the Rakuten Technology Conference and JSConf in Tokyo, Nordic.js in Stockholm, and Dot.js in Paris.

東京で開催されたRakuten Technology ConferenceJSConf、ストックホルムで行われたNordic.js、パリで行われたDot.jsなどの世界各地のイベントで講演も行ってまいりました。