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I’ve decided to start writing a weekly newsletter. The newsletter will include design tips, behind-the-scenes looks at my projects, and maybe even discounts on design products.

You can sign up here.

Why start a newsletter when I already have a blog (or rather, two blogs), Twitter, Branch, Quora, Hacker News…?

Well, unlike all these, a newsletter is semi-private. It lets you reach a more targeted audience, and write about more personal topics.

I’ll be honest, I sometimes censor myself when I write on this blog to avoid offending people (and when I don’t, the reaction is not pretty). So a newsletter will hopefully be a good outlet for some of my more unpopular opinions…

A newsletter would also be a great way for me to get feedback on new projects. Sometimes you need to know what people think, but don’t want to release your baby in the wild just yet. So launching a project to a newsletter’s audience can be a good middle ground between private and public.

Of course, a newsletter also makes sense from a marketing point of view. But fear not, this will be a mutually beneficial transaction: you’ll receive weekly articles from me, and in turn I have your ear when I launch my Next Big Thing.

The newsletter will be published weekly on Sundays, because I’m always bored on Sunday and wished I had something to read.

The first few topics I will cover include:

  • How to reply when your client tells you to “make the logo bigger”.
  • What to say when people tell you web design isn’t that important because Craigslist is hugely successful.
  • How to come up with side project ideas and actually make them come true.
  • How to team up with a coder and exchange design work for coding work.
  • How to build an app using only WordPress (who needs Rails or custom development!).
  • Why Quora is one of the best platforms to gain credibility in your domain, and how to do it.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can sign up here or use the form on the right side of the page. See you on Sunday!


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