Mini-Meetup in Paris


Update: Since the first mini-meetup was fun, let’s have another one! I’ll be at the same place on Friday, January 4 at 7pm. 

I’m in Paris for the holidays, and so will Raphael Guyot, my co-organizer for the Hacker News Kansai meetup.

Even though we see each other all the time in Japan, we thought it would be fun to meet up in Paris. And we also decided to extend the invitation to anybody who needs a distraction from Christmas festivities.

So if you want to say hello and discuss tech, startup, and design stuff, meet us this Sunday (December 23) at the Bastille Starbucks on the second floor, at 7pm.

No need to sign up or anything, but if you feel like it you can always leave a comment here so we know approximately how many people will be coming.

See you there!


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