I Wrote a Book


Well, an eBook to be exact. It’s called Step by Step UI Design, and it’s a simple guide that takes you through my process to design a chat app user interface.

I had a very specific vision for this book. Unlike most tutorials, I didn’t make up a fake project (you can sign up for the app’s beta).

Unlike most design books, I chose to focus on a specific product instead of only giving out generic advice.

And unlike a case study, it’s not just a post-design look at a finished product since I took screenshots every step of the way as I worked.

I also had a specific audience in mind: not just designers, but also entrepreneurs and hackers who say they’re “not artistic”, or “don’t get design”.

I wanted to show that design is a relatively straightforward iterative process, and that (almost) every design choice can be traced back to logic and hard facts, and not just “inspiration” and magical pixie dust.

So go check it out, and let me know what you think!

There’s also a fairly long Hacker News thread about it.


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